heard Logo

This is a logo design project for a young marketing company named heard

I made some notes, after reading the description of the company, created a suitable moodboard, drew my first sketches, choosed a color palette, created some logos, made some appealing patterns and designed some fun stickers and mockups to put the logos in action.

Find the process below.


Company Description

Heard are a PR & Marketing startup based in Birmingham in the UK. Heard specialise in creating marketing and communication strategies for creative products, agencies and businesses who believe their exciting product and service deserves exposure and attention. They are young company with most of their staff including their CEO being under 35 and they have a disruptive and challenger mind set in how they deliver their work for their clients.

This approach means they don’t do things by the book; taking risks and pushing the boundaries around what’s expected from a PR and marketing agency is they how they operate. They are a fully remote team working online and the way they work with their clients is in a digital format, taking meetings online and offering add-ons and additional products that can easily be booked or ordered via there brand new online platform.

They also differ from other clients in that they have a dedicated portal for their clients where visuals and marketing strategies are discussed directly with the client. In terms of their audience they would be working directly with creative directors and marketing managers who work in house at product start-ups and creative agencies. With this in mind they are looking for an eye catching, disruptive brand that their clients and their clients customers can relate to and connect with over the many competitors working in this landscape.

They challenge the status quo and love to work with clients who have this same mind set in how they run their business. For the first phase of their brand creation they are looking for a Logo, style tile, initial brand guidelines and social post examples however they would also be happy for the designer to explore some other possible deliverables to show how the brand can come to life.