This is a vector  illustration for a housing company in New York City. The most challenging part was to create a relationship between the characteres. After reading the description i made some notes, created a moodboard and drew some sketches. I was inspired by hidden pictrue puzzles.

Find the description of this task below.



Flown is an innovative housing company due to launch in the heart of New York City. Aimed at combating rising house prices, they are coming up with new, more affordable spaces that young people are able to buy instead of renting. To explain how this new type of business will work, they would like to commission an illustrator to create a set of illustrations explaining the key  points of the business, in the form of an infographic.

Their main target audience is Millennials - people in their 20’s and early 30’s - young professionals, with good jobs and an expendable income. They’ll be from many different backgrounds and nationalities (diversity is very important and it should be well represented in the illustrations). They don’t necessarily mind spending a little bit more money on quality items, such as a good meal or a nice shirt, however they are also looking for the best deals and trying to save money when they can. They enjoy travelling and experimenting with new things, yet they are also looking for some stability in their lives, and buying a house could give them just that. On the other hand, with houses getting more and more expensive, especially in a cosmopolitan city like New York City, they are finding this goal harder to achieve and are turning to alternative options such as sharing houses and communal living.

That is where Flown comes in – offering small, private places with shared spaces, lowering the living costs and building a community at the same time. They will offer small, all-inclusive studios with high quality, considered furniture, created to make the most of small spaces, plus plenty of shared spaces such as a gym, cafe, terrace, launderette, cinema and events areas. It’s not just a place for living, but a place for sharing, networking, learning and having fun.

They want innovative, modern illustrations that reflect the Millennial lifestyle. The key word here is community, and that is what the illustrations should portray. Think about Airbnb, Spotify and Deliveroo’s tone of voice; it’s fun but professional. The illustrations must be in line with the most current trends, using bright colours and simple vector shapes. The infographic is going to be shared online so feel free to use vibrant RGB tones!

To make sure you nail the style, start with a moodboard and find the best examples of modern vector illustrations to inspire you. From there, start with one main illustration that will go at the beginning of the infographic, incorporating the logo (available as a brief asset). This illustration should portray everything that Flown stand for; community, diversity, solution driven. This is what you are going to send to the client first for approval, so they can sign off the style before you work on the rest of the illustrations. If you want to do some extra work and show you are keen on the project, work on two or three complimentary illustrations that portray facts such as “less houses being built”, “house prices increasing over time”, “shared spaces such as gym, cinema, terrace…”, “great for networking” etc.