Tarot cards

Here are tarot cards which i created with a vector program. After reading the project description, i made
some moodboards, drew some sketches and created the vector Illustration. The most challenging part was to create a coherent set of cards which i've overcome by creating the same borders, working with the circle as my main shape, having the same font on every card and using the logo as a part of the illustration.
Find the project descirption below.

Project description

Three Swords, a famous tattoo studio based in Berlin, is celebrating their 10th anniversary. To mark the occasion they want to give out a set of commemorative Tarot cards to their staff and some of their loyal customers.

They are big on the tattoo and artistic scene, setting new trends and receiving guest artists from all over the world. Their tattoo work varies depending on which guest artist they have in-house, but it focuses especially on traditional, neo-traditional and dot-work style.

Three Swords don’t want the illustrations to look completely like tattoos, but rather have a tattoo ‘touch’ to them. That’s why they are looking for an illustrator to work on them, not a tattooist.

They want the style of the cards to reflect their style of tattoo artwork, but they are happy for you to expand on this with your won touch. It must look cool and progressive to impress people in the artistic scene. They want you to take inspiration from traditional tarot cards and add your own twist to them.

To begin the project, the client would like to see two to three illustrated cards, so they can see how it would roll out as a set. Which cards you pick is completely up to you, but here are a few ideas that we thought might look cool to illustrate: the lovers, the hermit, the sun, the moon, death, the devil etc. You can come up with new ones as well, they are totally open to new creative ideas!

Think of it as a promotional piece. They want to sell this set in the future as part of their merchandising, so it needs to be in line with their brand – clean, unique and stylish.