OmoTomO is a puzzle game for PC and Nintendo Switch. It's about a two-headed creature which has to reach his goal, without blocking his on way. OmoTomO was produced at the ZHdK, funded by Pro Helvetia and published by Forever Entertainment in 2020.

Find the game development process below the video.



I started with a so called paper-prototype. A paper-prototype is like a sketch. It alows you to see, if the
game is playable, fun and encounter first challenges. As of the moment where i knew the paper-prototype was great, i began with programming and with the visualization of the game. The main experience which players should have with OmoTomO is relaxation. So i made some researches and created 3D-Mockups. After a while we as a team decided to create a Zen Garden in a box setting. The Zen Garden was a perfect environment to relax while having fun at the same time.





Playing with different Styles

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Zen Garden Mockup

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